Can't change origin settings

Since updating LB, I can’t choose anything but “Controller settings” as my origin for a job. The machine homes correctly, and the controller is set to “machine zero” as it’s origin, but it does not behave like it did prior to the update.

I’m open to any suggestions.

I get that’s how it’s supposed to be. That is how I had it setup prior to the update. But now there isn’t a “User Origin” to choose at all.

Sorry for the confusing response. Upon a closer look and reviewing the UI, I see Oz has changed this behavior for the Trocen / AWC device profile. I know there were differences from the way Ruida provides access to control job origin, but was not aware he made the change in the UI. Will need him to jump in on this one, we can both learn at the same time.

It works the same as before. Controller settings is the only option because, as already discussed, the job origin is set on the controller.

Sadly it’s not working the same as before for me. No settings have changed on the controller, yet no matter what I do in LB I can’t get the job origin back to 0,0.

0,0 origin is achieved by setting the Origin Mode to Machine Zero as Origin.

Correct, however nothing I’ve tried on LB will change the job origin back to 0,0. It’s staying in the corner of the job not the workspace.

What model of controller do you have? I just tried it on my LO-X7 and the job started at 0,0 (top right for me). I had to set the Job Origin in LB to top right as well and it started cutting from 0,0

Absolute positioning is gone. I suspect that is what you are trying to achieve. If so, perhaps @LightBurn can be persuaded to re-enable it.

AWC 608

My issue is that I don’t want it to start cutting at 0,0 as that is off my z-table. I need the job origin to be at 0,0 so I can place the cuts/raster where I need them in the workspace.

Right now with the origin being forced to the corner of the cuts instead of the workspace, it begins it’s job off the table.

I don’t know what you mean by 0,0 then. 0,0 is the machine home position. What you just described sounds like you should be using Current Position.

I want the job origin (the green square) to always be at 0,0 no matter where anything else is in the workspace.

That is absolute positioning.

Trocen has never supported the ability to change the origin settings from software, so you need to change the settings on the controller itself. Having the other settings present was a support headache because they didn’t work. It sounds like one of the options was giving you a behavior you wanted, but it wasn’t intentional.

Hmm ok, I’ll have to see what I can do with it then. Should “soft origin” do what I’m looking for since that references the software origin?

I tried soft origin and it seems to do as you described. I placed a shape in the middle of the work area in LB and the laser cut the shape in the same position.

I will have to try it out when I get back to my machine later. Thanks!

I have always used current position before today so I was not familiar with Soft Origin.

The takeaway for those of us using Trocen controllers, if you were using Absolute Positioning in LB, it looks like Soft Origin on the controller gives the same functionality.

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Just for curiosity’s sake, why is it important for you to have this functionality? Are you using jigs to position work pieces?