Can't close a path?

I have typed a letter in LB and then manually edited it to stencil the design - there are two points that refuse to close.

I have tried close with tolerance and the lines close to other random points.

Close path does nothing, the two point will snap together but will not stick.

Is there a fix?

I’ve run into this with almost every project. The answer is to ensure that you have no grouped items, then use Arrange, Break Apart followed by selecting all the segments and using Join

Thank, that seemed to work but i had to break apart then join twice before it actually joined

Very odd

It’s possible because of the way LightBurn stores paths internally to have data stored in a form that makes it hard for the existing code to join it. Break Apart followed by Join basically rebuilds the shape to follow the ‘proper rules’, which is why it works.

One of our longer term plans is to rewrite the under-the-hood way we store stuff so this can’t happen, but that’s a huge undertaking that will touch a lot of existing code and break a lot of stuff.

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Great, at i now have at least an idea of why it happens.

Notes made, i’ll do better next time :slight_smile:

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