Can't connect highborn to MacBook. Help me please. License is active

Can’t connect highborn to MacBook. Help me please. License is activated.
Computer doesn’t recognize the laser. I used USB cord

I don’t know where in Macs the usb connections are located. This is from Apple…

If you’re using usb, I use lsusb, which I’m sure is available for the Mac, it’s standard Linux fodder, but might need to be installed on the Mac. This will allow you to see what’s connected, that the machine recognizes, to the usb ports.

There is the system log file via dmesg, this appears to be available on your mac.

Both of these are command line queries…

I use

sudo dmesg | tail

most of the time. It’s a system file, so you need to be or have root access (sudo) the output of dmesg is piped to tail witch only outputs the last so many lines. If you plug it in then use the command, it might tell you more information.

@JohnJohn has access to a Mac and can probably assist in this area…

I’m trying to determine if it’s a driver problem… which sounds most likely. This post may also be of benefit… A lot of these devices use this driver.

sudo dmesg | tail


Have you installed this driver?

LightBurn offers a 30 day free trial before buying a license. If LightBurn was working and connecting prior to the license activations please let us know; we may be able to restore previously working settings for you.

What kind of Macbook do you have? It is good to know what the hardware is and which operating system it now has. You may find a thunderbolt hub helps with communication.

Hello. Thank you for your help. I have MacBook Air. Tried your drivers, any success.
My light burn can’t see my device when I press “Find my laser”
I didn’t try free version. I bought it

MacBookAir 13
version MacOS13.4.1

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