Can't Connect Over Serial/Marlin 0.9.22

When using version 0.9.22 (haven’t tried 0.9.21), I can’t connect to my Marlin device, it sits at waiting for connection, after reverting back to 0.9.20 everything seems to be working ok again.

Windows 10 x64, all the latest patches/updates

Can anyone help with this? I’ve tried version 0.9.21, 0.9.22, and 0.9.23, all of which I get the same results of waiting for connection

Can you try one of the 0.9.24 tests posted here?

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No good, the 0.9.24 test build still give me the same issue:

Not sure if any of this helps, i’m using the last Marlin compiled from git as of an hour ago and the below settings

Thanks for providing this response. We continue to investigate.

Please provide as much detail in a response on that post, if you haven’t already. Helpful to have the reports in one location. Thanks.

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