Can't connect to GRBL laser

Hi, I have a generic ‘KKmoon’ 20W laser connected by usb to my laptop. This was previously working fin with GRBL in LightBurn 0.9.09 (licensed), but now I get the error message that it cannot connect to the laser. Nothing has changed otherwise. The console just shows ‘waiting for connection’. The computer sees the usb connection so no problem there. If I try to find the laser in devices, it shows a grbl laser, and creates the profilee ok, but it will not cocnnect. Please help!



I can connect to it with laserGRBL no problem.

Can you take a screenshot of LaserGRBL Settings->Protocol window as well as a screenshot of the GRBL console display after you’ve successfully connected?

Hopefully those can give some insight to what may be different.


OK I just realised I was stupid - needed to select ‘COM3’ in the device window. Works now. Thanks.

Glad you sorted it out.

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