Cant do anything....laser fires on command... just don't know how to tell it where and what I want to engrave

Someone please simplify how to tell this dumb thing where and what I want to engrave?? I have a half inch high thin wood canvas thing that’s 6inx6in and I can’t even begin to find information pertaining to how the laser knows what its job is.


So that helped a lot! Thank you. I have and Ortur Laser Master 2. My material is a thin piece of wood half an inch high and it seems the laser isn’t honing in enough to engrave or something along those lines.

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You likely just need to focus correctly, which you can do on most diode machines by twisting the textured ring at the bottom of the laser. Turn the beam on at the lowest power you can see it with by following the directions here: How do I turn on my diode at low power to focus it or frame a job?

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