Can't pan with spacebar

I dont know if it is my laptop, or LB, but I cant seem to hold the spacebar and pan the screen/view anymore.
It’s like it doesn’t register that I am holding the spacebar and only clicks once. I can see the cursor change to a grabby hand for a split second but then goes back to mouse pointer.
Cant find any setting to fix this

Try restarting the app? There’s no setting for this - as long as the spacebar is held, it should let you click-drag the view.

I’ve restarted the app, laptop etc this has been happening for weeks. No idea why it does this

I bet you’re having either a hardware or OS issue where the spacebar is registering once but is not holding.

Check here and test your spacebar to see if it stays depressed:
Keyboard Checker | The best online keyboard tester

If you have access to an external keyboard, try plugging that in to see if this “fixes” the problem. That will tell you if the issue is just with the laptop keyboard or something general at the OS level.

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