Can't see the layer toolbar nor the bottom of the application


The bottom of the software is “missing” or rather cut out on my screen.
I have a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 I don’t really know how to access the bottom of the software.

Has anyone encountered this ?

I have tried fiddling with the full screen or reducing the windows size without any effect.

After trying some more fiddling and by forcing full screen mode here is what I have on screen :

I can barely see the bottom options.

New founding, if I force fullscreen and then move the application to an other screen :

I have the application in fullscreen mode for real this time. It’s a bit tedious though to have to do this everytimes.

Did you try menubar Window>Reset to default layout?

Thanks, I have tried but no, it doesn’t correct the screen height.

What size is this display? To force complete reset of window sizes and layout, quit LightBurn, then hold the Shift key when re-launching.

Thanks, My laptop have an 19’’ screen and my secondary is a 24 ‘’, both have a resolution of 1920 x 1080. I have tried holding shift while launching the app. Still same result.
My OS is : Arch / Manjaro Linux 64 bits. with a KDE desktop environment. (5.11.22-2-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri May 21 17:45:54 UTC 2021 x86_64 GNU/Linux)

Unfortunately, I’ve seen similar things happen with some versions of KDE. You’ve done all the things I’d normally suggest to reset the layout. If you make the window not maximized can you still not see all of it? Basically trying to determine if the bottom is simply off the screen.

It’s also possible it’s caused by you having very new KDE and us using an older build of Qt, for the sake of supporting older systems. We are currently talking about bumping up to a newer version for our Linux builds but we still need to ascertain how that will effect our users and have not made a decision yet.

Officially we support Ubuntu 16+ and Fedora 28+, with anything else being a your mileage may vary situation. I’m sorry that’s certainly not the news you were hoping for - we do our best to support the most common Linux, but there’s enough differences on all the variations that many of them are bound to have issues.

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Thanks. That’s quite alright as I have found a way to make it work.
regarding your question, I think everything is there, it is just going beyond the screen bottom border.

For the one who are also using KDE the solution I have found is :

  1. got to window management and create a new rule (forcing full screen for LightBurn) :
  2. once LightBurn is on, choose an other screen to display the app, it should now be displayed 100%

When this happens to me I double-click the title bar and everything is in place again.

What Operating System are you on ?

Win 10, Win 8.1

Well I have tried to double click the title bar and it doesn’t do the trick here on Manjaro / KDE. Thanks Anyway

Anyone using a Mac can move the Dock to left or right side to make the bottom visible.
Windows may have the same ability, I don’t remember.

On Windows you can do that too. Even on Linux you can.
It is now standard desktop functionalities

try to minimize and then maximize the window

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