Carriages Grinding and Sort of Running into Origin on Reset

So I’m having this issue with my laser (see video). My Ruida controlled 50w Blue and White Chinese laser seems to be ignoring the limit sensors or switches and just grinding into the origin. Makes me think that if I keep doing this it’ll break even more. The googling has not turned up much, can anyone recommend a solution? I’m also trying to find more info on tightening the belt tension and lubricating the carriages ( I tried and the only appreciable change seems to be the movement speed increasing dramatically and) and especially had trouble because the x direction tension screw is sorta buried in the machine and theres not much access. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

TL;DR: Video shows grinding when hitting reset. Also how to clean and then grease rails? Z bed rails? Adjust tension?

I see that your laser has inductive limit sensors identical to those in my machine. Once the machine has stabilized, consider to hold a piece of metal near one of them. This should cause a flicker in the internal LED. I’ve used a wrench, a screwdriver, a metal ruler, even aluminum will create an illumination.

There are metal plates on the carriage and gantry that pass over these sensors and tell the controller “Hey, honey, I’m home!” If your sensors are not illuminating, the controller just isn’t getting the message.

To expand on what Fred said, the wire on these sensors is super thin and notorious for developing stress breaks. This may only happen with the head in certain positions on the bed, a position which results in the wire bending just the just way that results in the problem occuring. This can make troubleshooting difficult. Luckily, they are very cheap to replace.

Hell yea. Thanks for the tips pals. I’ll take a look when I get home from work. You guys rock.

I forgot to mention that making sure the sensors were getting tripped fixed this. Problem solved. Thanks buds.

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