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I work in a University and when ever someone logs on and uses Lightburn for the first time, it is starting from scratch, they will have to find the machine and set this up.

I have been looking around the subject including this advice, but this is not working for us.

I believe the issue is that every student who uses the machine logs in with their own personal account, and so they have their own prefs.ini file in their own personal profile app data. So any update of this file will always be user specific.

I know we have access to a folder in the c: drive which is accessible to anyone who logs onto the computer. I have managed to have Lightburn run from this file, no problem, but unfortunately Lightburn is still going to be reading the pref.ini file in a users own personal app data.

Is there anyway to change the location of where Lightburn is calling the pref.ini file from?

Many thanks in advance for your attention.

Did you see that there were 2 levels of override in the link that you posted?

1st level is in the same folder as the user prefs file.

2nd level is folder of the LightBurn.exe installation.

Sounds like the latter may do what you need.

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