Is there a way to force settings on startup? For maker spaces or schools

LightBurn stores all preferences for a user in a file called prefs.init in your LightBurn prefs folder.

If there is a second file in the prefs folder called “defaultprefs.ini”, it will read that one after reading the user prefs. Anything in the “defaultprefs.ini” file will override the user prefs.

If there is a file called “defaultprefs.ini” in the executable folder of LightBurn, it will read that one after reading either of the above prefs. Anything in the executable path “defaultprefs.ini” file will override the other prefs.

The prefs are just JSON, so they’re not too hard to edit. Make a copy of “prefs.ini” and rename it to “defaultprefs.ini” and delete anything that you don’t want to be overridden. Whatever is left will be the “enforced state” when you re-run LightBurn. If you want it to be global for all users, move the defaultprefs file to the application folder of LightBurn, next to the executable.

You will have to go through and figure out which bits you want to enforce, and if you do not know what something does you should remove it, but this method means I don’t have to write a ton of UI switches to manage it, and it’ll scale to include any new settings I want in the future.

This feature is not heavily tested, and there may be certain items in the prefs that, when loaded, are added to a list, instead of overwritten properly (like devices). If you have difficulty with any of this, please contact us.