Change of direction

I got a new rotary, before the new one the laser alway printed left to right on the rotary. The new one is printing right to left. Where do I change this, I’m not in the mood to have to remember to swap used files around before running them. Thanks

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Turn the rotary around 180° on the bed?

Well I would do that, but the cord isn’t long enough to do so.

The wires from the motor driver to the rotary will be labeled A- / A+ and B- / B+. Pick one pair (A or B) and swap the two wires. That will reverse the rotation of the motor.

Good deal, thank!

I had the same need and rewired my stepper:

I am assuming that is something I need to remove the motor from the rotary to do. I looked at the back plate and it doesn’t look like it has screws so that I can remove it.

Do not take the stepper apart!

You want the other end where the connector is. Unplug from the machine. There’s probably a couple of screws holding the connector together. Take it apart and expose the wiring.

Put an ohmmeter across any two wires. If you get an ohm or so, you’ve found one of the windings. Unsolder, reverse and resolder. Reverse any (and only one) winding. If you don’t get a reading, try other combinations of wires until you do.

If you swap at the driver (unless there is one dedicated to the rotary), you will reverse the normal Y movent as well. :wink:

There is usually a specific motor connector in the machine that you plug into the Y axis driver to connect the rotary. If you swap the wires on that plug, not the driver itself, it only affects the rotary.

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