Changing from Benbox to Lightburn

I am new at this, I bought a chinese laser engraver machine with Arduino Nano controler that runs Benbox .I do not want to run Benbox I want Lightburn. I have downloaded Lightburn, what are the steps to run Lightburn or to change firmware?

Welcome. I used the search at the top-right of each page, searching for “benbox” and found this for your Universal Laser system.

Yes, you need to go through Benbox. Once you have updated you will be able to use Lightburn with GRBL v. 1.h (if that’s your update).

I am getting more stupid or totally frustrated. I contacted Universal. He sent me to a video that any English speaking person would never understand. I see no way in all of what he sent me to accomplish what I need to do

I am on a Mac, his info is entirely Windows

What I do understand at this point? I have to download Virtual Box for Mac to be able to get into BenBox so I can change the FirmWare for something that probably won’t work anyway

This is not going to get any easier for you, unfortunately. This system has limits that are not compatible with your environment. I am not saying it can not be accomplished, but this would be well beyond what we can help you sort.


  • Get a cheap Windows computer and do the firmware update from that.
  • Run Windows on your mac and sort running their benbox software from there.
  • Return it and buy an Ortur or another known (compatible with your Mac environment) working laser.

I will forget you suggested any of those options. Your last entries were of no help. I will remember that while I figure out what to do with LightBurn
or my universal engraver. Which I assure you isn’t the problem, it is the software they have chosen to load.

We agree, “it is the software they have chosen to load.” This software is known as “firmware”. This is what I circled in the other post you made. Your controller is showing the benbox is currently loaded on your laser control board. I will say this again. LightBurn does not support benbox. You need to load a different, supported firmware to your control board. This will be required prior to trying to get LightBurn to work.

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