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I’ve installed my Ruida controller and when I turn on the laser it heads for the top left corner. I went into the settings on the controller and switched it to top right but still no good. When it does this I end up hitting ESC or the big red button. is there a stop command on the controller’

You switched it to top right, and it still goes to top left?

Blake as with most everything with this swap I was wrong. I looked at the switches again and the Y axis limit switch is in the top right. The x limit switch is in the top left.
My limit switches are not hooked up yet so I will try and do that and then I need to get LightBurn to see the controller.
Question 1… If I go to help in LightBurn I can deavtivate my licence,does it just deactivate the one on that computer or on my other computer? I thought I could deactivate that one and then re-install it.
Question 2… My laser head will only got to the middle of the laser. Do I need to get LB hooked up inorder to fix this?
Thanks for all the help.

From within LightBurn, deactivation is for that system only. If you want to manage all systems associated with a Key, you can do this from our License Management portal. Have a look at this:

Not sure I follow your question. If you are not able to traverse the entire bed size, you have an issue with the configuration of the pairing of the controller to the size of your system. You can adjust from the controller panel or use LightBurn to access the ‘Machine Settings’ found under the ‘Edit’ menu.

Thanks Rick! I am going to go try and hook up my limit switches and then reinstall LB.
It’s going to be Great.

Is there a specific reason for why you are going to reinstall LightBurn? Only on the rarest of occasions is there a need to reinstall, like you deleted or uninstalled it. Just checking…

LB can’t find my controller. Blake asked me if I installed FTDI drivers. He also mentioned changing the USB cable. I am using the one I had hooked up to my Leetro controller. I think it is a printer USB. it has a USB on one side and then the other side looks like a house.

Ah, yes. That makes sense. Reading hard for me today for some reason. :partying_face:

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