How to access the license portal to manage your own activations

The license system used by LightBurn has a web portal that users can access to view the computers on their license, and do some basic tasks like remove a computer that has failed.

If you purchased your key from LightBurn directly, you will have access to this portal. If you purchased from a 3rd party vendor, we would need to assign your license key to your email address for you to use this (email support at lightburnsoftware dot com to have us do this).

To access the license portal, go to

The first time you use the portal you will need to request a password reset. Click ‘Forgot Password’, enter the email address where you received your license key, and click ‘Recover Password’. You will receive an email from Cryptlex with a password reset link. Follow the link, choose your new password, then log in.

On the main screen you will see any licenses associated with your email address, like this:

Clicking on “#/# Activations” next to a license will show which computers are assigned to your license key, when they were activated and last used, etc, like this:

Clicking one of the computers will show additional details, and displays this icon in the upper-right:

Click that, and you have the option to delete an activation, removing the license from that computer, and freeing up the license seat for use on another machine.