Offline Activation Procedure

If you have a license, and you would like to run it on a computer without a network connection, enter the license key, then click “Request Offline Activation”. It will ask you to save a file that contains the machine fingerprint as an offline request. You copy that to a USB drive and bring it to a machine with a network connection, you then have two options to complete the process.

First, you can now use our license portal to manage your license activations, as explained here:

To do offline activation from the portal, open the .ofr file in a text editor (Sublime Text or Notepad++ work nicely) and copy the entire string into the request box in the Cryptlex portal. This will produce the response file which is what you will put back into the nonconnected LightBurn system.

If this is all too confusing, you can email the .ofr file and your license key to LightBurn, and we will process and return the response file that you use to complete the activation.

If you’re trying to run the trial, there isn’t currently a way to register the trial without an internet connection. It only needs to be connected long enough to verify that the machine hasn’t run the trial before, and doesn’t require the connection after that.