How do I move my license to a new computer?

If you want to move an install of LightBurn to a new computer, follow these simple steps:

  • Run LightBurn on the current machine
  • Go to Help => License Activation and Trial
  • Click “Deactivate License” to remove the license from this machine
  • LightBurn will automatically quit


  • Run LightBurn on the new computer
  • Enter the license key when prompted

That’s it!

Note that if you have a hard drive failure or cannot run LightBurn on the old machine for some reason, you can use the license portal to manage your activations.

If you purchased your key from LightBurn directly, you will have access to this portal already. If you purchased from a 3rd party vendor, we would need to assign your license key to your email address for you to use this - email with your full name and license key.

Follow the instructions here:

If none of that is working for you, we can deactivate the old machine for you - contact us via email - with your license key and details about what you need taken care of.