Changing the cut powerscale

LB9.09, Win 7pro.

I am attempting to change the engrave/cut test to suit my machine which the max safe power is 45%.
I copied an existing line of the test grid and set my max to 45/45% and changed the Powerscale setting in the Shape Properties to the proper percentage to use the powers I want tested. I watched the youtube video explaining the Powerscale function and saw no special setting to enable it- but all my blocks cut at 45% on the laser panel and all cut thru the plywood at all power settings. How do I enable the Powerscale please. Thanks Gene

We would need to see the ‘Shape Properties’ tab to see what you have set for each rectangle shape to offer direct feedback for this file.


Take a look at this post for a working example file (adjust for your setup and needs) you could use to compare with your own.

Looking closer at your settings, you said Min AND Max are set the same. That is the issue. Power Scale requires a range to work within. You will need to set a spread between Min and Max for this to work properly. It’s similar to using “Direct Output” in RDWorks with a bitmap - LightBurn uses the same commands to vary the power from min to max, using the Power Scale value as the control.

I also see your speed set for 10mm/s. Just as an FYI, Min power is used when your laser is traveling at or below its ‘Start Speed’ (on Ruida, this is usually 10mm/sec, but it is a parameter you can change).

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Good info- thanks Rick

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