Material Cut/Scan Test Files - Power Scale

(Rick James) #1

Here is a test file created using the ‘Array’ and ‘Power Scale’ features. (adjust for your setup and needs)

Setup grid array with all rows at 80% Max pwr 0% Min pwr. Set each row at different speed starting at 400mm/s down to 100mm/s from top to bottom of scale.

Viewing left to right, each column uses ‘Power Scale’ to adjust from 10% to 100% (of 80%).

PowerScale Test_01_Rico.lbrn (23.7 KB)

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(Doug Fisher) #2

Thanks for sharing, Rick.

Do you happen to remember the “real world” amount of time it took to run (since the LB estimate is often not accurate)?

(Rick James) #3

If I load this file in the soon to be released “New Simulation” preview, I see that the total time is 44:07:3 based on my current cut order.
The new simulator is covered in a bit more detail here: Total time estimated issue

(John) #4

Thanks Rick saved me some time :+1:

(Rick James) #5

How did I do with my estimate? You can double check my numbers for yourself now with the release of 9.00. :wink: