Total time estimated issue

Hi all,

I don´t know if i´m using wrong the total time estimated in preview function, but the real time of laser engraving is a lot more than the estimated one. Here is an example, were the estimated time is 60m but with 50m elapsed time the project only has 16%.

Please help!

It’s not accurate at this time, but I think it’s being worked on.

Thanks, hope so, because if not you have no idea of how long will the project will take.

It is on the way! Look at this short demo of our brand new simulation engine that accurately models the acceleration and speed of your laser. This will give much more accurate preview timings - notice the predicted length of cut actually matches the length of the recorded video.


Thanks Rick, I figure it out: I was leaving the field “traversal speed” at the default speed (12000) and it was not the speed that I set the cut.

@Fredt, the times reported in your version are still not going to be accurate, and if they are…we got lucky. :wink: Acceleration / deceleration is not currently being added into the calcs you are seeing. A newer version, being internally tested as we speak, has the new simulation engine and will be much more accurate.


That will be a great improvement. Will we still be able to grab the slider and speed the simulation up manually or change the speed at which the simulation runs (similar to RDWorks)?

Yes, the slider is still there as well as a ‘Play’ button that will allow you to “watch” the cut in full simulation.

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Ok, thanks for the info.

If the new estimator is accurate, I would like to suggest providing an input box for hourly cutting rate that then would be used to show the results of a simple calculation on screen based on time x rate to show a cost estimate.

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Adding new features is a LightBurn tradition! Have a look here…Voting System for New Feature Requests - Fider


Good news Rick. - for a temporary fix I find that if I’m running a project several times I can adjust the Traverse speed to match the actual speed that it ran at in real time -and then it is quite accurate even if I make speed or quantity changes to the file in the future runs. Just FWIW.

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Great! Hope it gets released soon.