Little bit lost in Laser Speed Settings

Hi !

I’m totally new to laser cutting. I bought a Sculpfun S9.
Did my first cuts, everything is working fine.

But now I want to make some test cards but I’m a bit lost in the laser speed settings.
I tried this one

Speeds here go from 100mm/s to 400 or 500mm/s.
But is this the real speed the laser moves ? 500 mm / sec or 30000 mm / min seems a lot to me ?

I looked up the max speed for a Sculpfun and it is about 3000mm / min
So I would think 30000 mm/ min (500mm/s) is maxed by 3000mm/min
But then the 400mm/s should also be maxed by the max speed and should give the same result but this is not the case

Hopefully I’m making myself a bit clear

I believe that power grid is more suited to a Co2 system. You could try this one which should be better for a diode…I hope.
Power Scale 10-100 and 500-4000.lbrn2 (61.4 KB)

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