Cheap As chips JADAZI GRBL CNC Controller Control Board 3 With unexpected function

I was messing about with a dirt Cheap Grbl Controller, as a replacement for one of those always failing Annoy Tools Jobs, on a lower powered laser I Set up for some etching only jobs.
To my Joy and amazement I fianlly went through the disection manual they suppy via link when purchased from Amazon, the board has Arduino:ADC3. G code M7 , M8 Control pin, can be used as fan control,+5V signal, what the hell so i hooked it up to a relay to replace the switch, on my to activate the solenoid on my air assist.
And hey presto it works with the Air select option in the cut/layers menu. it does not activate on fire. as it should not.
Well I have been using it for quite some time now and hooked the little board up to some DM542 Stepper Drvers with some break out modules and the board supports up to 36v input, has PWM /TTL and laser voltages are what you give the board, So an external Supply for the Laser, is probably a good idea for a larger Diode Unit, and just pick up the PWM, so as not to strain any of its components.
It works faultlesly and ok I hear some say its a grubby little board, but for £28 who is going to grumble.

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