Cheap Chinese engraver


Ages ago I bought a cheap laser engraver from eBay, these work and I know they do but when I got it I had trouble connecting it to my computer. Now, as I have more spare time thanks to being in lockdown, I’m trying again.

I have tried connecting it to Benbox, as I was given instructions on how to set it up on that from the seller, but they weren’t very clear thanks to the language barrier (it came from China). Have also tried Lightburn with no success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Photos of the unit attached.

All I am needing it for is simple engraving such as dog tags, labels, ID tags, machine tags, photo blocks etc.

If I had that on my workbench I would replace the firmware with GRBL and, assuming the electronics is conventional, this will allow it to be controlled by any GRBL controller, including Lightburn.

Steps are simple if you have a Windows PC. YouTube video and relevant links can be found here:

Once you install GRBL and connect to LightBurn, you’ll need to change a couple of settings so that Lightburn can properly control the laser. At a minimum you’ll need to set Max X, Max Y, and LaserMode. There is plenty of information in the Lightburn docs on how to do this.

There’s about 50 hits on benbox here. Here is Cannot run <Lightburn with BenBox on computer. :smile_cat:

That’s pretty much a worthless post if OP replaces the firmware with GRBL and will only add to OP’s confusion.