Cannot run <Lightburn with BenBox on computer

Mac 10.14.6
Universal Engraver 3000Mw with BenBox pre-installed
I have tried everything I can think of to delete BenBox.It continues to be the program running or trying to run image. Removed it from trash, it still appears in Console as the current program.
I have GRBL-M3 (1.1e) It will run the engravings for me but they are quite often messed up. I also have GRBL, won’t run anything. Neither will allow the machine to return to “Origin”. I have to place it their manually. Laser won’t turn off unless I change setting to GRBL after using GRBL-M3 (1.1e)

Among everything else that is going on…I am losing it! Lol

BenBox is not a program on your computer, it is the firmware installed on the laser controller. To change it, you need a program to upload (flash) different firmware to the controller.

I am sorry I should have known that.
Where do I get different firmware?

Searched and found that I had searched for this before for another member. :slight_smile:

I would recommend starting with the instructions that came with your machine to get it set up and working properly.

Once it is working properly, you can follow our step by step instructions to get LightBurn set up:

And then in particular this page:

Remember, we just make the software, we did not make nor sell you your machine.

I am well aware of the situation. Everyone says,“Oh most any laser engraver will work with our software you just have to rebuild it.”

I can run the engraver, with some caveat’s. I am not real sure if I am not real sure if it is running with LightBurn or BenBox. BenBox is in the Console as the software. Nother pertaianing to LightBurn

You will not hear this from us. LightBurn does not support benbox firmware. We never have. If the hardware that came with this laser allows the firmware to be updated, you can do so to something we do support. We did not write and do not provide anything benbox. We have never presented anything different regarding our benbox firmware support.

We are very upfront about what systems/controllers we support and provide a trial to allow you to prove compatibility for your environment for this exact reason.

Your responses are not super clear, leaving me needing some clarity.

What “console” are you talking about. Please show a screenshot.

Here is what the Mac version of LightBurn should look like. (note: I have a different laser set that you but the UI should be very similar)

SS shows GRBL since other than pulling the plug this is the only way I can stop the laser from firing. I can run it on GRBL-M3 1.1e, it doesn’t work right

SS with Console visible

BTW: That was not from LightBurn. I have done so much searching etc. I don’t remember where I got that.
I had this thing working fine a couple days ago. Not so today.

Should I just dump everything and start over?

I am not trying to be difficult here, but I must ask… what did you change? You say you had “this thing working fine”, what does this mean, exactly? Were you able to move the head around in the expected directions using LightBurn? Did you successfully create and burn a job? If so, what type of job? Cutting? Image work? Vector scan/fills?

I am seeing that you still have benbox flashed to your controller. I would be very surprised to find any “working” to be more than coincidence as LightBurn does not support benbox. I am not sure how to be clearer. :slight_smile:

Rick, I appreciate your info. Yes I engraved a letter “M” in script, Drew a rectangle, engraved with 3 passes, several other elementary images. No Photos. Speaking of “Flash” update…Is that same as downloading an update? “Flash” is not faamiliar to me, sorry.
I have no idea what I should download. I looked for GRBL-M3 1.1e/f
They were all in Windows format. I have experience with emulators and hated every one. I need some serious help with this

This is becoming a circular response.

Sorry, yes - Flash is the technical term for placing the firmware on the chips of your control board. I do not know the complete step-by-step for doing this. This is why I offered you other posts that talk about the challenges others have found getting this gear working. Some have been successful…, AFTER they figured out how to put an Open Source and Publicly Supported firmware on their control board. LightBurn supports these firmware.

Additionally, you did not say…was this from LightBurn?

Yes, it never showed up in the Console

What is “it”? What “never showed up in the Console?” Are you talking about the LightBurn Console? This is where you will see the communication stream from LightBurn to and from your control board.

We don’t charge by the word, you can use more of them to help us fully understand your responses. It helps when you offer complete answers and try to be as clear as possible. We are not there to “see” what you are telling us. :wink:

I understand your frustration with me and my questions. Don’t look down your snout at my inconsistencies. In my 87 years I have done many things and seen many things.
That said: If I bought the controller you guys have on your site, how much other “stuff” would I need to buy?

We don’t sell controllers, we just make the software.

Cohesion 3D Controllers is what I wAs referencing