Chinese Laser 50w going crazy

Hello, I have a chinese laser, 50 w and it is going berserk. When I switch out from using my rotary, this happens. I cannot get it to stop and I’m afraid it will only get worse. The enable rotary switch is turned off and I have checked the limit switches and they are functioning correctly. Someone please help. Thank you.


What kind of controller does your laser have?

When you say you switch out from using your rotary, does this mean you were using the rotary and went back to X-Y and the Y axis stops working?

If so, when you switched from rotary back to X-Y, did you re home the system?

I have the Ruida controls. I am attaching a picture. Yes, I was using the rotary and when I went back to X-Y it no longer worked. Am I doing something wrong? How do you rehome the machine? I think I’m doing it correctly but maybe I am not.

When I hit the home button on Lightburn, it makes an aweful noise and won’t stop even if I hit ESC. I have to emergency stop the machine in order for the noise to stop. It sounds like it wants to move the laser but can’t.

After you hit the e-stop did it work normally when you restarted? If not, it sounds like something is not getting switched back over. Do you turn off the rotary in the software? When you said rotary switch is off, not sure if you mean in software ( LightBurn ) or a physical switch.

I finally figured it out but now have another problem.

changed Step Length to 32.022 for both X and Y
Made sure in X that:
Enable Homing True Y-True
Limit Trigger True Y-True
Invert Keypad Direction True Y-False
PMW Rising Edge Valid True Y-True
Limited Polarity False Y-False
Directional Polarity True Y-False

My new problem is that my laser doesn’t seem to be triggering. I am trying to engrave cups and the laser is not engraving.

Post an image of you project settings. In particular look at the min max settings, make sure min is set high enough.

Can you manually pulse the laser?

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