Christmas present help! LM3 scaling incorrectly to camera overlay

Hi all,

Total noob here, but I’m trying to finish a Christmas present that requires some precision alignment of a pattern onto a wooden box I’ve made.

I’ve set up the camera and calibrated it in Lightburn and all seems fine, except it doesn’t appear to align to the actual position of the LM3?

If I create a simple shape on the actual object I can see in the overlay image, it misses it by around 6 inches.

It’s like it either needs an offset put in or something. I can’t quite work out how Lightburn ‘knows’ where the laser position is anyway given it’s just calibrating the camera to a piece of paper I’ve put below it?

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? (It’s bound to be me!)

To be precise, the calibration with the sheet and the small circles must be placed on a neutral surface, rather white if possible and well lit. Maybe you should do it again.

Have you performed the Camera Alignment in addition to the Lens Calibration? I’m referring to the process that burns 1-4 target markers that you align the laser to. If not, you’ll need to do that before the overlay will be properly positioned.

Yes! Many times!

One thing I’m wondering is I’ve installed the Y axis extension on my LM3 - now very roughly, it appears that it’s moving roughly twice as far on the Y axis than it should.

I’ve updated in the machine settings in lightburn and also updated the grbl settings - anything I could be missing here?

What specific changes did you make and where?

Only changes were the y setting from 400 to 850 in Lightburn and set $131 to 850 also in the advanced settings section (ie to update machine)

Can you confirm that homing and jogging controls are all working as expected?

Can you provide the following:

  1. Screenshot of Device Settings
  2. Full Screenshot of LightBurn with Overlay updated
  3. Output of these commands in Console:

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