Circle Cuts are not 100% round

Hey Guys,
today i tried cutting with my Ortur Master 2 15W.

The first try was a simple round circle created directly in Lightburn.

After a few minutes the laser was done but the result inaccurate as seen on this picture:

What am I doing wrong?

And how can I improve the result certainly to burning marks etc?

And maybe someone knows why the outline is not accurate like some are thicker than others

Not 100% on diode lasers, but got my CO2, that indicates the X and Y aren’t calibrated.

Maybe lower heat setting and more passes?

@LightBurn do you have an idea why my circles are not round?

At the top of screen when you draw a circle make sure ‘width and height’ are the same, have to unlock the padlock to do it.
When you use the circle tool it may look like a circle but if the numbers aren’t the same it’s not a true circle.
Hope this is the answer.

Something is loose or incorrectly tensioned in the belts, or how the belts connect to the motors, like the pinion gears or set screws that attach them to the motor shafts.

What you’re seeing is often referred to as ‘backlash’ - it’s looseness or slop in the drive system, so when the motors change direction, the laser head doesn’t follow immediately - the slack has to be taken up first before the laser switches direction.

If the belt that connects the laser head to the X axis is loose on either side you’ll get this, and the same for where the X axis connects to the Y axis - the belts on either side must be snug - not too tight, as that can strain the motors and make it harder to move, but tight enough that there is a bit of tension on each side.

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