Circle in LB not match Circle on Ruida 644XG controller screen

I created a 10mm x 10mm circle in light burn. Then went to burn it. The bottom half of the circle looks like its moved over a bit less than a millimeter to the side, so that both ends don’t line up. I did a bunch of research and thought it was backlash. So i tightened everything up, tried messing with backlash setting, also went into machine settings to mess around with idle acceleration etc. No love. BUT…

I just happen to notice the Ruida controllers screen, and right there before my eyes I can see that the circle AINT a circle. Its looks exactly how it burned. But lightburn shows it as a perfect circle. So I deleted the file. reset the machine, restarted computer. Opened up lightburn and created a circle again. And once again, its the same problem, and again you can see on the controllers screen that its not a perfect circle. HELP!!!

I have an Ruida 644XG

AH HA!!! Solved!!! I found a setting in the controler for back lash. It came factory set to 0.30

Soooo I set it to 0.0. problem gone. Unless I just did something I should not have. Please let me know?


Are you hand drawing your circles? You can generate circles with the primitive shape tool for ellipses:


HAHAHAH no i was not hand drawing them. I used the elliptical tool. But as I said above. I found/solved the problem in the controller settings, or machine settings as its called in lightburn.

Thanks for trying though :slight_smile:

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