Circles are cutting rough after latest update

Help…I updated lightburn to 0.9.09 yesterday. Now all my circles are not smooth. I can’t find the tolerance adjustment either…ugh.

Using a Thunder Nova 51 - 100w

This could be interpreted in several ways. Could you be more specific or show an example or both?

There is nothing in this update that changed anything that would affect the smoothness of circles output to a machine. I suspect the timing is merely a coincidence, and perhaps you have something loose.

I cut this with rdworks

Double click the cut layer you’re using and post a screen shot of the settings? I’m guessing you have dot mode enabled.

Adjusting curve tolerance helps, but it keeps defaulting to 0.00500.

dot mode is off. I am going to do a reset and try again.

You realize that 34 inches / second is 863 mm/sec?


I’m guessing you meant to have your speeds still in mm, but your distance values in inches. You pick this one:

You can’t go lower than 0.005 for curve tolerance - that’s in mm, and going too low will send a metric buttload of node data to the laser, and basically choke it. That’s likely why it’s better - you fire-hosed it, so it had to slow down.

Set your cut speed to something reasonable and leave that curve tolerance around 0.05mm (the default) and you should be good to go.

I ran this same job, scaled to fit on letter sized card stock, at that speed and it came out good (except that scaling down sacrificed some connection points for the stencils).

That just means that your accelerations and speed limits are sane. Some machines set those things very optimistically.

i see, in machine settings, there are load and save buttons but they are grayed out. what is the best way to get his machine data so i can compare them? i assume if i could save his files i could view the xml file without actually loading them up?

Screen shots for now - save and load aren’t implemented yet. I need to do that very carefully or I could really mess things up.

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maybe an export as txt for viewing and diag without the ability to import :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea how many support messages I’d get over that? “I can save them, why can’t I load them back?” It has to be all or nothing.