Circles are cutting rough after latest update

Still getting the jagged cuts in RDWorks and Lightburn. All mechanical possibilities have been explored. Thinking its in the config.

I am working on getting nova 51 specific config file but here is the data on Bruce’s Nova 51 and my Nova 35:

X & Y limits are disabled.

Bruce’s X & Y acceleration & max speed are identical, but Y carries MUCH more mass. Should be lower, likt Brian’s.

Broken Delay: 0ms (that shouldn’t be zero - 750ms is default)
Laser Freq: 100kHz ? Is 20kHz in every system I’ve seen.
Motor type: Belt+Step motor ? (is the Nova51 steppers?)

Water protect is disabled, signal level is different… I don’t know what the settings are supposed to be for that machine, but these look weird.

And these don’t include the stuff in the user tab, which is arguably more important for this.

We got him going off of my settings and I just got a config file from a new Nova 51 and forwarded it to Bruce.

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