Circles are eliptical

I generate a circle in Lightburn, transfer to my Ruida controller and it prints eliptical with the sides squeezed in the x axis. All settings appear correct.

… appear correct. Have you actually calibrated your Y and X axis?

Thanks Dave,
I have not. This is a new system and I am just getting started with it. Laser head reports the correct position when toggled to all corners. Not sure how to calibrate at this point.

Depends on your particular machine, and somebody in here can probably describe it better than me, but basically you draw as large a square as you have material for, with a dashed line down the center. Measure the sides vs what the machine thinks it should be and enter the difference in the step calculations. Once that is done, fold the paper in half on the dashed line and pray the corners line up. If they don’t you have a skew problem, and that is a purely physical thing, not software.

You have a diode or a CO2?

CO2 - 80 watt.

Thanks Dave, I’ll give that a go.

I did all that back when I first got my controller outside of LightBurn, so I can’t give you the steps inside. If you have a Ruida controller, I can walk you through the steps in RDWorks though.

This might be worth review if you haven’t already: Configuring a Ruida - LightBurn Software Documentation

And this:

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Also check to make sure that you don’t have the rotary switch enabled. That will affect the Y only. You said your output was squeezed, but if you didn’t measure, it might be that the Y was longer, so it’s worth checking.

Thanks Dave, the rotary switch was enabled and was preventing me from calibrating the y axis. It’s calibrated now and making round circles,woohoo.

LOL, those rotary units. Gotta watch them, they don’t like to behave with the other kids…

Thanks again.

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