Vendor settings for Ruida - Calibrating steps

I have a 60w eBay Orion laser 700x500 with ruida controller and use windows 10. LightBurn has been the only software I’ve ever used. I need to calibrate the x and y axis because my circles and squares are coming out as rectangles and ovals. I tried to download rdworks without success after watching a video on calibration. I also read a forum on here that said we now have access to the vendor settings in LightBurn. Can someone give me some step by step guidance on how to do this correctly?

This came up recently - here’s a link to the steps:

The actual settings are in Edit => Machine Settings in LightBurn, under the “Vendor Settings” roll-up. You’ll find X Step Length and Y Step Length (I believe that’s what I’ve called them).

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I ran a test to see where the problem was. It is only with the y axis. I went into the machine settings in lightburn and changed the step length (um) to the calculation I got from the link you sent. The default value was 30.010 for both x and y axis. I soon found out that changing this number had no effect on anything. I still came up with the same measurements no matter what I entered into the step length value under the y axis. I heard back from the seller on ebay and they sent me a link to download rdworks but my computer rejected it saying there was a virus embedded. So I still need help.

RDworks is almost always flagged as a virus. You would need to run it as administrator to get it set up. I had to do the same thing. In general all free software is going to be flagged as a virus.

For the steps. Using Lightburn hasn’t gotten me very far yet, but using RDworks and following the 100mm shape instructions you should be able to enter the difference into the second box it shows and it will correct your steps.

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It’s on my own computer so I am the administrator. When I try to download it the same download just keeps repopulating in the download window


Not sure of the link your vendor supplied but here is RDWorks from controller manufacturer.

I was able to download rdworks simply by using another program to “unzip” it before attempting to download it. Went into vendor settings and changed the step lengths to what it was before and bed size to proper dimensions. The machine is cutting perfect squares and circles now. I can finally rest at ease. Thank you to everyone for all your help

Hi, I have a machine with a Ruida 6442g controller and it’s a 500x700 size. Same as yours. Mines 100 watts but that doesn’t matter. I was installing a U axis yesterday which normally runs off the y axis driver. I opted to install its own driver but somehow I messed with my Y axis parameters. And scared it up. Hoping for someone like you to access your Y parameters and give them to me. Now yesterday I was able to download RD Works v8. You’re probably running into the same problem I did. The download links on the page I found are actually advertisements for garbage software. You have to scan that page and you will find the actual link to download the software. And it’s not the big green balloons that say download. I hate that but learned years ago that’s how some companies spam people. But the good news is you don’t need RD Works. Lightburn does everything RD Works does but 100 times better. Just click on file and go down to MACHINE PARAMETERS. YOU may still need the RD8888 password but lightburn is all you need. Just File/machine parameters. Before you change your Y axis please copy down better back up your parameters. Then please give me the parameters for both x and Y. Thanks

I personally don’t think it’s your stepper parameters causing circles to become squares etc. that’s something going on with lightburn I think. I’m no expert but steps and speed should not cause that unless you are skipping steps maybe

Circles were ovals and squares were rectangular. The y settings were what was causing it because I had the rotary still enabled. It had nothing to do with the calibration but I’m glad I know how to do it now for future reference. I’m not sure what you mean by you want my parameters. Every machine will be different.

Why didn’t you just go directly to the Ruida website and download the non-molested RDWorks download there?

That’s where I got it from but still had to unzip it