Circles not circular on roller rotary

I’m having a hard time with circles coming out on my tumblers on my ortur rotary. I have the ortur laser master 2 pro and have had no problem with circles coming out on other materials but tumblers is a different story. I did a 4% stretch on the width on a tumbler and it came out the same diameter width and height wise but it still looked off. Below is the svg file, the 1st attempt, and 2nd attempt with the stretch. I’ve done other logos on tumblers that include circles in them and they came out good. But if the outside of the logo is circular it looks terrible. Any help would be greatly appreciatedimage

1 - Have you measured the circle around the circumference against the height to see the difference? the problem could be visual as it’s going around a curve and you are looking at it flat, but the measurements could be correct. worth checking first.
Then -
2 - Have you set the correct diameter of the work piece in the settings?

3 - what type of rotaty are you using?

Sorry for the ot, where you find those tumbler? On Amazon?

I need a different tape measure but yes it looks to be correct as far as height and width. I did the line test and it’s good. I’m using the roller yrr ortur rotary.

I read somewhere for circle logos that they stretch it 10-15%

Yes Amazon

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