.clb File for xTool D1 20w module?

Hi all,

In trying to do what I can to minimize the trial and error, was hoping to locate as comprehensive of .clb file as I can, for my new xtool D1 20w module. Anyone have any luck finding one?


There’s an active Topic that discusses this. Check it out:

FYI, the file I uploaded is for the 10W laser, not the 20W. Should still give you a starting place though.

Thanks to you both. Checking out the other/existing topic along with the 10w .clb as we speak, in hopes that I become savvy enough to properly adjust the settings to accommodate the 20w.


In the simplest terms you would either need to reduce power by half or increase speed by 2x. Or a combination of the two. Using linear projections is a good starting point which is how you should take the library to begin with anyway as it will depend on your particular equipment, environment, and materials.