xTool D1 (10W) material list

I couldn’t find anywhere to download a lightburn compatible list of the materials parameters on xTool’s site so I created one. This is based on “xTool D1(10W) Materials parameters for reference.pdf” from the xtool site.

All the materials should have the same name as in the PDF EXCEPT that I removed “material library_” if present in the name. Lightburn doesn’t support ‘&’ in a name so I changed those to ‘and’.

The forum wont let me upload it as a clb file so I’m sending it as text. You’ll need to rename it to .clb in order to load it into lightburn’s material library.

xtool D1 10w material library.txt (446.9 KB)

Let me know (by posting to this thread) if you have any issues or find bugs in the file.


Thanks so much for the file. I was not looking forward to entering all this data myself. I’m new to XTool-D1 and just starting to get the hang of Lightburn, Mostly use 3mm MDF and more recently 3mm Melamine (excellent for craft projects and comes in Black, White and a number of textured colours in Australia) Looking forward to trying some of the other listed materials in the file. Thanks again :grinning:

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Great! I’m glad you found it useful.

Hey James,
This is the most extensive materials list I’ve seen. Thank you very much for sharing. It’s great to see that you are willing to allow the community to utilize your extraordinary effort.

I’ll be using it on an Atomstack 10W laser but the values should be close. I haven’t had a chance to implement it yet, but I definitely will very soon.

Thank you again for this great time and material saver.
Jerry Kornbluth

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By the way, I thought that PVC (and ABS) are frowned upon in the lasering world, although they’re both listed in your library.

PVC can in fact be cut with laser, however, the thermal process produces hydrochloric acid that can corrode your laser system and heating it emits toxic fumes. ABS Emits cyanide gas.

Here’s a link to a PDF that lists dangerous materials for laser cutting and engraving.

Here’s a link to my post on testing plastics for chlorine before cutting (Beilstein Test): Detecting Chlorine In Materials To Be Cut

Jerry Kornbluth

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I created an automated process to import everything from the XTool pdf material list into lightburn. Everything there is direct from XTool.

Good info though on material safety.

Hello I have a MacBook and I can’t get it to work I tried changing the name to .clb but won’t work

What does the software say when you attempt to load the library from the library tab? It’s just an XML file so I don’t know why a mac would have problems with it vs a PC.

okay so when i try to load it into lightburn it wont even let me click on it, like if it wasnt compatible or something. (the file has a diferent name because i changed it many times to make it work)

or if u could email me the file as .clb i would appreciate it a lot. i downloaded a different .clb file material list for light burn from another website and it works. i think it has to download as .clb not as .txt

It looks like you’re not changing the actual extension of the file. So the name is actually “xtoold1.clb.txt”.

Check the actual file extension in Finder making sure you show all file extensions.

  1. In the Finder on your Mac, choose Finder > Preferences, then click Advanced.
  2. Select or deselect “Show all filename extensions.”

thank you so much that worked perfectly for me!

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Thanks for your help @berainlb, I’m not a mac guy so I wouldn’t have known how to view the actual extensions.

Hello James.

This is great work.

I posted similar CLB files masquerading as txt files for a similar material library for the recently released Xtool D1 Pro range. I made 3 separate posting for the 5w, 10w, 20w offerings.

As others have mentioned these need not be Xtool specific and could be used with diode lasers of a similar true power rating.

I generated my CLB files using brute force Excel string building. Excel’s developer mode XML mapping and editor tools could not cope with the format of the CLB file. What did you use?


I exported the PDF as text via copy & paste. I fed that into a perl script to generate the .clb file.

The Txt file will not work. Lightburn is asking for a .clb file. Can you help?

You may have missed this part of the original post.

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Thank you very much for the files. i am knew to the laser world and still getting used to how everything works. when i seen you post of the xtool library i was extremely excited. thank you again for posting it.

I’m glad you found it useful.

very new to lightburn and renaming files.
I have windows 10 and do not know how to rename the .txt file to .clb with .txt removed.

thanks for your help and providing the file