Co2 Laser doesn't cut 90 deep

Hallo, can someone help us? Our Laser doesn’t cut straight down. It Cuts diagonal. I pur a picture, that you can See what i mean. Please help us. We are thankful for every tipp.

best regards

It is most likely your nozzle which is not set correctly vertically. Loosen the screws for the nozzle holders, use a 90 degree angle and adjust the nozzle holder. Then you have to do a test where you place a piece of wood just under the nozzle, make a test shot, lower the bed far down and shoot again. The two “bullet holes” must cover each other.

One of two things causes this-

  1. The carriage is not at a right angle to the bed. This could be in the X or Y, figuring out which is the first task. The adjustment of either is very machine-specific.

  2. The beam is not hitting the lens dead center. By the nature of a lens, wherever a photon enters the lens, it will be vectored to the focal point. So any error in where the beam hits the lens does mean it angles towards the focal point, so the beam is angled and it makes angled cuts. This is generally due to angular misalignment of mirrors if it’s inconsistent across the bed. However it is also possible to get all angular alignment consistent in the X and Y but there is a consistent offset where the beam hits the lens. This is due to tube offset and the tube mounts need to be adjusted.

It really isn’t kosher to double post. You have the same problem posted over here


This is my noozle, which screws did you mean?
I have fixed all mirrors today and it doesn’t count straight down… this is so frustrating…

Put a construction square (or anything that has firm right angles) and place it on your bed.

Move the head to the square or vice versa and see if the head is flush with the vertical part of the square.

Left or right and front or back. Back is usually difficult to get to…

Think of it like you have a ‘tilted’ bed, the beam will not be a square cut. In your case it’s probably the ‘head’ that ‘tilted’.

As far as which screw, we probably can’t tell you or I wouldn’t as most of these are mounted differently even if they look similar.

You will have to look at the mechanics of the mount and determine which screw(s) will allow you to move it in the correct directions.


I can not see it in your picture, but as @jkwilborn describes it, that’s what I mean too.
In my pictures you can see how it is made on my machine. I was trying to clarify what you were telling him… Sorry…

@Mr.California the problem with these Chinese machines are there is ‘little’ real adjustment to the head assembly. The reason myself and many others have pitched that ‘head’ away.

I’ve seen videos on this, but can’t seem to locate one for you…


… everything is fine, no worry :+1:

Thank you, @jkwilborn for your help, what Laser head I can buy which would help us by the problem. I looked ok Amazon, i found a set from cloudray with mirrors, but which one I have to buy?

From some of the questions you’ve asked, I wonder if you are up to a head change. Do you think you have the technical ability? You seemed confused about what screws to use, so I’m concerned it a head change will be ‘over your head’… technically…

I use Russ Sadler lightweight head. Cloudray also has replacement heads. Some times this doesn’t just
bolt up and work…


Nick, try to make a few pictures from your nozzle head and show them here, it could be that we can guide you to a solution. @jkwilborn here are some pictures of my nozzle head and my mirrors.



No, I’m sorry but from these pictures I can not come up with any good advice, I do not know this nozzle head. I hope others can jump in here who may know this nozzle head.
On other types there are set screws and it is usually an easy task.

M1 reminds me of the tuning fork setup in my physics class…


@Mr.California, what does your supplier say about your problem with the machine? Will he be able to help you find a solution?
The machine otherwise looks very solid and fine. The support from the supplier is bullsh**. They want Fotos and videos, I sent it all and they mean it could be the mirrors or the leveling from the machine. I hopped for more help from their side. I asked for a mechanic and got no more request… the machine is very nice and quality

Of course, the machine must be balanced horizontally, everyone knows that. But the problem you describe has nothing to do with the mirrors or the lens, it can only be because either your nozzle head is not at a 90 degree angle to the bed or your bed is very skewed.
As I wrote before, usually it is no special work to fix it, it requires an exact 90 degree impact angl (I do not know if that translation is correct for it, sorry), the appropriate Allen key and a little patience - however, there must be the possibility for a nozzle head adjustment. If this is not the case, you have the option of replacing it with a lightweight holder from Russ Sadler, for example. Here you also need to be sure that it fits the machine, but at Cloudray they have an excellent service (only my personal experience) and can possibly guide you.

Is it angling left-to-right, or front-to-rear?

The answer is going to by physically turning the head. That C-rail (high quality stuff BTW) will likely have 3 adjustable and 1 static wheel. However, the adjustments are likely too small to realign anything, they’re for pretensioning. Pretension that stuff, BTW.

So, if it’s left-right as I think it is, you’d loosen the screws holding the head on the carriage, turn it, retighten, and realign the #3 mirror so the beam is centered out the cone orifice.

If there’s no clearance in the holes, they may need to be enlarged.