Column markers - cut/engraed brass

Had some label maker column indicators for lens height… Thought I’d replace them with brass

Brass sheets from ACE hardware… about $4 US each…

Thought I’d try and cut them out of brass… stuck to column, left and right, before and after buffing with the dremal and jewlers rouge.

f100-arrow.lbrn2 (21.2 KB)

I ran about 50 to 70 iterations… The real issue was trying to hold it flat… I had to chase the focus around as it distorted… First time with this laser I actually had flames…



hello jack: What would happen if you laid a piece of 1/4" tempered glass, ( like the kind you see on coffee tables) to hold down the metal to help prevent warping ? (Your markers look really good)


You have to suspend it or use some type of holder that will let the debris escape from the system…

I suspect the heat generated by the metal would pretty much destroy the glass making it difficult to do the job.

I’ve seen suspension type of mounts that hold the edges… but never an enclosed one, like between two sheets of glass…

Good thought…


I learned something new again !!! Thank you !!