Comgrow Laser Only Able To Make Squares

I just bought this laser machine Comgrow ROBO CNC Router Hobby 3018 Milling Machine - Comgrow Official Store
I’m new to this so don’t ask me hard questions or assume I know anything.
I have this exact problem: Eleksmaker Pro only making square - LightBurn Hardware Compatibility [OFFICIAL] / GRBL - LightBurn Software Forum
The machine only works whit squares and that’s all, there’s no information about this problem so I think its because of the calibration.
I don’t know what to change what to see or what to expect, I bought the license but its hard to make it work…

ok, Take a picture of what the engraver did and drag it into a reply here.

Use windows Snip to take a pic of LightBurn to drop into your reply here.

This happens all the time and sometimes we have to get 4 or 5 key points to answer questions successfully. This link, while a little direct, may be worth review:

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