Communication with laser

Hi Jason and team :slight_smile:

Out of interest has there been any fundamental changes to the way LB communicates with Ruida (nova35) in ths last few versions (mainly the major upgrade) and this is becoming more and more ‘the norm’.

It only occurs when I use ‘start’ which is actually my preferred method rather than send’ but i find myself having to do send alot more on the more in depth files - just this morning a geometric sheet ended up cutting full diagonal lines across it mid way through.

There’s nothing wrong with the file, visually appears great, the preview looks absolutely spot on and the ruida screen matches what happens when it goes pearshape so i’m guessing its something getting mixed up along the stream somewhere(?)

@LightBurn :slight_smile: ^

Yes the last few issues changed a bunch. I have posted new versions to get test feedback from people:

Can you try that with your file, just on scrap, to see if it behaves?

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