Compatability Ortur Laser Master 2 Diodes

I have an Ortur Master Laser 2 20 watt fixed focus. I have done lots of engraving and happy with the machine. I have replaced the diode twice but not expensive. Should I only use Ortur diodes or can the machine user other brands with higher power?

I am sort of thinking keeping the basic set up and and also use the Master Pro as a second machine since it is twice as fast. I engrave drink coaster at a local farmers market so a faster speed would help.

Are you looking to literally replace just the diode or the entire laser module? I’ll assume the ladder since I don’t think Ortur sells just the diode portion.

You can basically use any laser module with the Ortur. Some will make it easier to swap-in. The Ortur Laser Master 2 is a 12V system and uses a 3-pin connector (+,GND,PWM). There’s not a lot of intelligence in the interface so as long as the laser module accepts this it should work. Pretty much most of the common lasers until recently have used a compatible setup. Ortur has moved to 24V for their new line. You could use a new module from them if you supplied a 24V source.

A lot of folks use NEJE laser module replacements. NEJE uses a 4-pin setup but the 4th pin is for a temperature sensor that provides a signal back from the laser module to the controller. I suspect you could simply work out the wiring and plug in directly from Ortur to NEJE module ignoring the temp wire but NEJE does supply a laser module adapter that makes it easy.

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You can actually get replacement diode modules from Amazon (quickly) or Ali Express (not so quickly but less expensive).

Since my current Ortur 20 watt works fine with inexpensive diode replacements, must just keep this one and also get a NEJE 40 watt. This might be a better alternative than trying to adapt my Ortur 20 watt. I was thinking about going to an Ortur Pro but now I am leaning to the NEJE which independently looking around looks like a good product.

I have stopped using my Bobs CNC and now just doing laser engraving. When considering labor, material costs, and price point, the laser engraving drink coasters at the local farmers market is the way to go. Thanks for the input.

Can you provide any specific links to diodes you’ve used?

Which Ortur 20W do you have now? Does it have manual or fixed focus? Any tips on the replacement process?

I am not sure if I can give links to the sales of diodes but you can buy the diodes by themselves on Amazon, Ortur (limited products) and Ali Express. The first diode I used was an adjustable diode. It was hard to discern the smallest beam on black paper so I had to make some test runs to make sure I had a sharp focus. Then I used the 20 watt fixed focus and it was a huge improvement. No test runs. I also am using an air assist which was a great improvement. But you have to remove the air assist nozzle to use the metal cylinder for the fixed focus but not a big deal. You probably could make a focus standard using the air assist nozzle and it would only be about 3/16 inches from the air assist nozzle to the working area.

The conversion from adjustable focus to fixed focus was easy. You did have to know which holes to use on the fixed focus but it was not hard to figure out.