Connect to awc708c

I use lightburn on my 100 watt laser
.how do I get this program to work with awc708c controller thanks Charlie

This may help.

You might need a driver for it, which would be installed when you install LaserCAD. Otherwise it should be straightforward - Connect it with USB and choose “Trocen” as the controller type.

I appreciate the help got connected with laser cad working ok. Now I need 2 passwords 1for factory manage and 1 for manufacturers parameters all help is wonderful and thanks Charlie

I think one of them is 608 or 608608, but it’s been a while.

Thanks oz. Next problem is to replace lasercad with lightburn thanks again Charlie

It’s pretty straight forward. How do you want to connect to it, USB or ethernet?

I will use USB thanks

You say that LaserCAD works with the controller, have you tried Lightburn since installing LaserCAD? It installs the necessary drivers for USB connection. They may have been missing the first time you tried Lightburn.

Thanks i really appreciate the help

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