Connecting Ethernet with a Crosswired Cable

I have been using my Ruida based laser by means of a USB cable with no issues. I recently decided to try a grayscale photograph. It seems that the data transfer rate was too slow. The machine started, but I got a data transfer pop-up on my Laserburn screen. Figured it was time to switch to ethernet. since my laptop sits next to my laser, I purchased a crosswired cable to connect the two, but the laptop doesn’t see the laser. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Rick.

If you use ‘Send’ instead of ‘Start’ the USB cable should work too - you reduce the work for the controller by only doing one thing at a time, instead of having it receiving the job while trying to engrave it.

For the Ethernet setup, we have a FAQ entry that walks you through it. Give this a go and let us know if you have trouble:

Not even using the ethernet connection now, although I am confident that I could connect with your tutoriall. Using the “Send” command and everything is under control. Thank you for the help!

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