Connecting lines and removing portions

I have drawn this as individual lines. Now I want to join them all together to cut as one shape. Additionally I want to remove the portion of the cone that is to the left of the vertical magenta line.

I have not found a way to make the endpoint of the lines to snap together, and also have not found a way to snap and endpoint to a location in another line.

Spent quite some time searching for this. Both in the software and on-line.

Like this?

Yes. Tell me how.

The cut function (as well the extend function) is not a function within the software yet but is coming with the next update. A youtube video regarding these functions already exists.

So many approaches to choose from, but here is one that may be simple to start out with to build understanding:


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Many roads lead to Rome.
What i did was using nodes editing.

Oh yes, very true. I showed the “long way” but the important way I think to understand some fundamental functionality.

I rethought the whole thing. First created a rectangle with overall dimension. Using edit nodes. I placed nodes where the bends needed to start. Then took upper left and lower left and brought to a point. Using a node a also “rounded” the line.

Still using nodes took vertex and bought it back to create blunt section. This was much easier than connecting lines.

I am still thinking as a CAD designer. I need to adjust to how the developer intended LB to work. :grinning:

Forgot snapshot

For something like that, say you wanted to snap into this object at specific points. You need to add those points to the vectors where you want the snap to occur. Remember a vector is defined by a start and end. So the visual “line” you see is really just there to conceptualize what the given drawing (set of points with start and ends) is actually creating. So until a point exists, there is no where to snap to.

Take this for example. Maybe you want to snap a line into this shape where I put the pointers.

Look at this now in node editing and you can see there is nothing to snap to. And like I said just a bit earlier, in CAD the line is just there for you to visualize:

So now while in node editing, I can hover over that black line and use the “I” key to insert nodes where I want to define another start / stop point:

With this, I can easily use the line segment tool and connect to these now existing points. One way I recommend seeing this illustrated is to simply draw a line segment anywhere (like what I did here):

Then you can select the shapes all together and in node editing you can see how you can snap those points together:

Now like what @Squid may have been referring to, you have now established a way to cut an end off by node editing. See, now while I am still in node editing, hover over any segment or node and press the “D” key to delete:


I find that LightBurn CAD is stellar in its implementation. It has grown to include an expansive set of functions and it sounds like we may get more as time and development continues.

I was confused by what you meant when you said:

…because the approach you described about how you made your design when you rethought the whole thing doesn’t represent an efficient or even a symmetrical approach to CAD techniques. As far as what I see you are trying to do, there isn’t anything uniquely limiting you to use LightBurn any differently than SolidWorks, AutoCAD, or VCarve. (those being the CAD packages I have experience in).

There is so much to learn in CAD that easily crosses over into any package (ESPECIALLY drawing tricks and shortcuts that make things easier).

In AutoCAD for example the whole endpoint thing is built in. If a draw a line perpendicular to another it will show the snap point to the base line. In CAD I would draw all the lines connecting the endpoint and then round them as necessary.

Any way. I made it work and that’s all that matters.

Follow up. In your example instead of removing segments, how to cut in half and result in two objects.

place the mouse cursor where you want to split the line and press cmd + i, then point to the segment you want removed and press d

I was asking about a circle, or square. Not a line. Also I am on a Windows machined not MAC.

These are indeed split shapes but each “half” is not really a half.

Both red rectangles where snapped to the center of the black rectangle and circle mid point.

boolean subtract red from black

boolean subtract red from black

Just to show these are halves
CTRL+D for copy in place, then moved down


Snap back each halves for perfect shapes (center cross lines are smack in the middle and can be removed - this is just showing the halves).

I believe this thread shows how to do what your asking. Cutting circles in half

:laughing: Yes, I shudder to think…