Connecting to lightburn

Appologies in advance if this is something simple I am not doing but i am at the end of trying everything mentioned.

I bought a second hand 50w chinese laser (blue and white), for the last 3 weeks i have been trying to connect the laser with my laptop- hp windows 10.

The laser works using usb memory stick to transfer the files but will not connect by usb or ethernet j would like to look at the acceleration speeds etc set in the controller as i have a line up issue on some of my fill and line jobs.

So far i have
-connected straight to the control board using the usb cable from my 40w
-connected by ethernet and putting ip details in for the ethernet and on the laser control.
-tried with my sons laptop also windows 10

  • also tried all this on rdworks

Any help would be appreciated.

Does your 40W have the same controller as your 50W? If not, you may need to install a driver to connect by USB.
Drivers - FTDI (

How did you connect this to your computer? Was it directly or through a switch or router? If you connected this directly you will need to manually configure the IP address on your computer as there will be no DHCP server assigning addresses.

If I remember correctly RDWorks is also bundled with the USB driver so may be able to install from there.

Thank you for your reply. My 50w uses different software but i know that usb cable works.
I have installed the driver you mentioned and still had no luck, also installed the drivers on rdworks and lightburn on install.
When i tried through ethernet i manually input the ip address as i have seen mentioned on here.
Appologies i would have replied as you have but this is all new to me!

Im thinking maybe i havent done it correctly? There is no noise when i plug in the usb to the laptop

That would be an indicator that driver is not loading. Check Device Manager and see if a port is showing for the laser. If the device is not detected and a driver loaded LightBurn will never be able to communicate to the laser through USB.

Did you set an IP on both the controller and your computer? How is the cable connected? Directly from computer to laser? If so, you will need to set an IP on both the computer and the laser.

The usb doesnt show in device manager, ive also gone through to show hidden devices and its not there either. Im really at a loss.

Yes directly through ethernet from laser to computer, both i manually input the IP

Which port on the controller are you plugging into? Perhaps try the other port on the controller. Also try a different port on your computer. Are you plugging directly into the computer or going through a hub? Remove any hubs if present.

What IP addresses did you assign to the controller and your computer ethernet (not wifi)?

Are you able to ping the controller from your computer?
In a command prompt:


Where xxx represents the IP address of the controller.

If this doesn’t work that means your computer can’t see the controller.

Ive tried on the outside of the machine and directly into the controller. I have tried all usb ports on the computer

I have set my ethernet address to
And set my controller to
When i ping it says destination host unreachable and then says packets sent 4, recieved 4, 0% loss

Really appreciate your help

Happy to help.

Hmm… the controller is not making this easy.

I find it interesting that you have 0% loss but with an unreachable host.

Can you run these commands in command prompt and return the results here?

ipconfig /all
route print -4 192*

Also, just to confirm, the controller on the laser is the Ruida 6442G that’s on your profile?

Yes it is

Okay, we might actually have a path forward at least for Ethernet. Or at least something else to try.

You have for your wireless IP. You have what’s basically a fallback IP for your ethernet. This gets assigned by Windows when there is no DHCP server.


Notice where it says “Wireless LAN adapter WiFi”? This is not the one we want to focus on.

Notice how it’s called “Ethernet adapter Ethernet”. We need this one to get assigned a proper IP address.

I suggest you actually use a different IP range for your laser than you have for your wireless. This will prevent collisions since you’re not connected through a router.

If you’re okay with that then open a command prompt as administrator and type:

netsh interface ip set address name="Ethernet" static

On your laser. Change the IP to and Gateway to

Once you do that, try pinging from your computer.

If that works, you will need to update your LB configuration for the device to ethernet and set the IP address there.

Thank you so so much after weeks of torment im finally there. Really appreciate your time

Oh wow. So it works? Yay!

It sure does, now to the next thing :rofl:

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