Connecting to my Boss LS1420 on mac

I’m trying to connect my Mac (running OS 10.11.6) laptop to my new Boss LS1420. I’m a total beginner, having only had the laser a short time. When I use the wizard, it only find a gcode device, but I’m 99% confident that my machine is Ruida. Trying that, LB hangs up in the beachball of death if I try to get it to do anything. I’m plugged in with the blue cable from the back of the machine. If I try setting for Boss manually, it doesn’t connect at all. I tried downloading and installing the usb driver update, but that hasn’t helped. Help?

If you’re connected with Ethernet, you’ll first need to make sure you’re using a hub or router to connect your PC and laser controller. Then you’ll have to manually set IP, gateway, and mask I think.

If you’re using USB, it would probably work out of box.

My guess then, is that you’re using Ethernet. If you’re using a regular cable, you can’t just go from laser to PC. You could use a crossover Ethernet cable if you don’t have a hub or router, but having a hub/router makes things easier I think. Plus then you can add lasers in the future.

Sooo… Can you verify for us which cable you’re trying to use? Maybe take a picture of the end of it for us. Then we can walk through the setup steps once that’s done.

I’m using a USB cable.

Macs have a known issue where the driver for the communication chip used in the Ruida conflicts with a built-in driver in OSX.

Try a different USB port on the Mac, or power cycle it, and if that works, there’s a more permanent fix discussed here:

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