Connecting to ortur laser master 2

I was using the trial version and it disconected I can’t get to reconnect can’t get any answers for how to connect if I just buy it will it work I tryed downloading again and it won’t work I tried resetting it but no connection i will soon be throwing the machine away help please thanks vern

some how I did something and I can’t connect to my laser. I’m on the free trial and it won’t let me download again. is there anyway to restart it?

I forgot to mention I deleted the lightburn software and tried to reinstall it would not let me any tips thank you

thanks vern

Why? What message are you getting that says you can not “download again”? What do you mean, specifically and technically, when you say, “tried to reinstall it would not let me”?

You are not providing much for us to go on here. Please describe what you have, how you have it set, what you are trying to do, and what results you get in as much detail as possible, so we can try and “see” what you do.

Where are you asking, that is not providing responses?

If you are talking about the other post you made here on the forum, I did respond…with additional questions for you to answer. I do not see your response to that post.

I am merging these together. Please do not double post, and please provide answers when we present questions. We are trying to help, but you need to participate as well.

Thank you for this new information. No, the trial is a full version without limitation other than the time you have to use it. Purchase just unlocks the key and removes the time limit.

Sounds like you could connect at one point. That’s good. Right-click the ‘Devices’ button in the ‘Laser’ window will reset the connection, but you may be dealing with a bigger issue. Read this post from Ortur directly about the Service Notice - Grounding
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