Connection issue's

i am new to laser cutting/ engraving. i just got an universal engraver 30 watt laser. i am able to use its own its program “engraver master” but when i downloaded and tried to use lightburn it does not allow me to use it. it gives me a laser is busy “error” i even uninstalled engraver master program to see if would connect with the laser.

HELP am i missing a step to get it all setup?

Apologies for the delayed response, we’re currently moving the company and things have been hectic.

A lot of additional information would be a good place to start, if you would: How To Ask For Help

As you gather that information, we also suggest the following as a good document worth review to ensure you have set things up correctly. Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

Keep walking through until completion of the Simple Project section to get a fuller understanding of the LightBurn basics.

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