Connection Lost with Smoothieware (still here)

In continue to this topic:

I changed engraver motherboard (it is Smoothieware compatible again) and updated LightBurn to latest version. So now I can go back to engraving!

And the problem is still here, it just have a fancy window now:

It destroyed my new cutting board because when you have commercial software you should not expect that it “may not work” today:

So again, the problem:
LighBurn says that it “lose connection” to the machine on high speeds (during engraving).
Machine remains responsible, it is not freezing or rebooting.
USB connection remains active, no “device disconnected” or any other problem.
THE SAME Gcode from LightBurn works perfect in LaserGRBL.
So as I said a few month ago, something wrong with LB transfer protocol.

Does anyone have any ideas how to start the engraving without LightBurn? Maybe there is way to send gcode automatically on gcode file save through LaserGRBL? Scripts or command line? Or is there other any other software with the same capabilities, like basic 2d tools and image vectorization?


Made 8 more tests:
4 FAILS with LightBurn, with direct and GCODE engraving;
4 SUCCSESS with LaserGRBL, it used the same GCODE from LightBurn, no fails.

For a first time I got the same problem with LaserGRBL. So no LightBurn fault here, the problem is elsewhere, it just cannot handle high data transfer speed.

I think I found the solution. I did five new tests in LightBurn and zero fails.

Thanks to LaserGRBL I got error in it and it redirect me to LaserGRBL FAQ, where are all possible solutions for “connection lost” problem. And one of them for high-res and high-speed engravings is to use synchronous transfer mode instead of buffered. I switched LightBurn to synchronous and all seems to be good now.

I will post an update if this problem will appear on my side again.

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