Connectivity issues

Good day everyone,

I’m having an issue connecting my Ruida RDC6445G (I think that’s the model number?) to the lightburn software. It’s a chinese 150W laser connected to the PC via a network cable. The PC is running windows 10 64 bit with the latest Lightburn software as of 4 September 2020. I have previously connected this machine to my laptop loaded with lightburn but on this new pc I can connect to the machine for about a minute and then it loses connection. I have ensured multiple times that i am using the correct IP address and Subnet mask but im still not having any luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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It’s quite possible that your network itself is using the same address for something else and causing issues - setting that address as reserved in your router can fix it, or just making sure the laser is using a value that’s far enough away from where your router reserves IDs works too.

Read through this and see if it helps: How do I connect a Ruida controller with Ethernet?

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