Conntect a TL 3120 Controller to LB

How can I connect my Laser to LB? It´s not able to find the laser. (Maschine on/Laser on)

  • What OS do you use?
  • How are you connecting the laser? (TopWisdom is only USB for the moment)
  • Have you installed the FTDI driver? (it is an option when installing LightBurn for PC’s)

I have a Win 10 Laptop DO I need some additional hardware?

Yes I installed the fdi driver


  • Have you chosen the COM port it’s connected to?

  • Did it find the device when you went through the ‘Find my Laser’ process?

  • Did you install the original vendor software? (If it’s a TL-3120, that would be LaserCAD, by Trocen. Your email to our support system mentioned a TL-410C, which is a TopWisdom controller, hence part of my confusion)

Before you get the dialog you’ve posted, you should see a message in the bottom LightBurn status window, saying that either it found your controller, or it didn’t:

If you don’t see ‘Found xxxxx’ in that status bar, you’re not set up yet.

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Thank you very much for your help! I got it. It was the driver LaserCAD.
It wasn’t delivered with the machine.

The lightburn license is a lifetime license for 2 machines? Thank you for your support and the great software.

I’ll buy it with my Christmas money!



Here is a link to a post on how the license works:

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